Do you want to find yourself in the City for the Future and feel welcome there?

If yes, then you will need our assistance to get tuned effectively in Dubai, the most innovative, investor-friendly and smartest destination in the world.

Our mission

We, HUMMINGBIRD CONSULTANCY FZE, are having the required skills, solid experience and proven track record for setting your business with a regional base in United Arab Emirates. We are those who ensure the foreign businesses get on-boarded successfully in Dubai in extremely tight deadlines.

Our team of experts each specialising in a certain business industry will analyse your business, evaluate its potential and come with business recommendations on how to grasp a market share in United Arab Emirates. Once you decide to set up your business in Dubai, we shall help you to start serving this high growth market.

Management consultancy services

We are those who will analyse your business from inside out, identify business weaknesses and turn them into strengths for Middle East market. We shall come over with the exact business structure that you need for United Arab Emirates and will ensure that your business gets a regional base here fast, securely and successfully.

Our scope of works:

  • Carrying out a report with a detailed analysis on the current performance of your business supported with the recommendations on how to improve it;
  • Drawing up a business plan on how to expend your company activities in United Arab Emirates recommending a business structure that would best suit for the local market;
  • Introducing the elaborated business structure to the Registration Authorities of the United Arab Emirates and getting approval on company registration

RESULT: Your business is successfully established in United Arab Emirates.

Business on-boarding services

Business expansion for operating effectively involves numerous local critical activities. As your business grows, it will be most likely that one day you will find yourself pursuing numerous local administrative activities such as employee benefits, payroll administration, accounting and documents clearing. For achieving this you will require access to a local bank account that might turn to a complex, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating exercise especially, when you are not familiar with the specifics of the local banking industry. We shall assist you in setting up the account for your business in United Arab Emirates.

Our scope of works:

  • Introducing your business to the bank;
  • Providing Due Diligence/Profile Consultancy;
  • Carrying out KYC Profile for your company;
  • Advising on FATCA & CRS requirements.

RESULT: Bank account for your business is set up in one of the leading banks of United Arab Emirates.

Management services

We understand that the businesses are built from the ground up and afterwards start expanding together with you globally. So, whenever you are in the journey or outside the United Arab Emirates, we shall provide complete support to manage the essential administrative activities for your business freeing you up to focus on your core life aspects.

Our scope of works:

  • Representing your business in governmental and non-governmental institutions of the United Arab Emirates (Free Zone Registration Authorities, Dubai Court, Federal Tax Authorities, Typing Centres and others);
  • Introducing your company to local financial institutions;
  • Arranging documents verification, follow-up and clearing services;
  • Providing businessmen services (personal and corporate venue bookings, meetings arrangement and secretarial services).

RESULT: Your business is fully independent and successfully operational in United Arab Emirates.

Our team of professionals understand the issues that businesses
are facing today.
We shall make your business grow in United Arab Emirates and
turn it from outsider to insider!

Our team of professionals understand the issues that businesses
are facing today.
We shall make your business grow in United Arab Emirates and
turn it from outsider to insider!

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